Introducing the world’s first volumetric arcade machine, the Z3D.

After a successful debut at the Tokyo Game Show 2018, the world will now be able to purchase the Voxon Z3D. The Z3D’s unique and captivating visual appearance (think holograms from science fiction) has added a whole new dimension to gaming.

* Please note: Due to a variable refresh rate within the volumetric display volume, the Z3D requires filming at 15fps to avoid rolling shutter artefacts. Real world appearance may differ slightly from any video footage. There is usually a slight flicker (authentic science fiction hologram flicker we like to call it) when viewing in real life which can vary depending on lighting conditions. The experience however is still out of this world!

Why you need the Voxon Z3D…

Just some of the features include:

  • Unique to Voxon (and science fiction) – Currently the only volumetric arcade in the world
  • A totally new form factor and gaming experience
  • 360 degree viewing enabling an extremely social and engaging experience with up to 4 players at a time
  • A suite of ready-made games come with the Z3D
  • Multi-game platform, ability to load new games remotely as they are developed
  • Ability to generate your own game experience (via Unity or Voxatron game engines or low low level programming in C)

Games that come with the Z3D

Snaketron Z

A 4-player arcade Eat-em-up. In Adventure Mode, weave your Snaketron through over 30 stages collecting pellets and growing your Snaketron to new lengths. Each stage presents new obstacles and visually striking hazards in true colourful volumetric 3D. Get competitive in Battle Mode and see who is at the top of their game, featuring special power-ups and customisable options.

Features :

  • 30 + Levels
  • Up to 4 simultaneous players
  • Savable high scores
  • Adjustable options
  • The Snaketron Queen

Super Turrets

Aim your turret, power up your shot and fire! Super Turrets is a charming artillery tank blaster with big explosions and fully destructible worlds. 2-7 players can battle it out in a miniature 3D world for highly competitive play or 1-4 players can take the Tower Challenge, a unique puzzle based variant. In Tower Challenge; players work together to eliminate enemy towers and drones. Destroy three of the same colour and receive a special power up. A game of dexterity and strategy.

Features :

  • 30 + Destructible worlds
  • Turret upgrades and power ups
  • Puzzle like tower challenge for 1-4 players.
  • Competitive Battle mode for 2-7 players.
  • Unique asynchronous play style for quick play.

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Lexaloffle’s fantasy voxel based game engine comes to life with the Z3D. Play, develop and discover hundreds of Voxatron’s cartridges in true 3D. The premium and, arguably, the only true way to indulge within the Voxatron universe. This special version of Voxatron is compatible with all Voxatron cartridges and includes all the core functionality of the standard version.


  • 1 – 4 players.
  • Fully customizable Voxel based game engine.
  • Scriptable (using Lua language) or drag and drop cart designer.
  • Officially licensed from Lexaloffle with hundreds of user made carts available to play.

Balls For Dinner (Again)

It’s all you can eat at this (twisted) family dinner table. Here gluttonous players are rewarded. The more you eat, the bigger you grow. Prevent other players from eating by spitting your own food at them. Conspire with other family members in a team play or put yourself and your fork first, in a battle to be the fullest. The player who can eat the most food within the time limit wins.


  • Simple gameplay.
  • Scalable 1 – 4 players.
  • Soundtrack by DJ TR!P
  • Artwork by Luku Kukuku

Limited Edition – ONLY 500 BEING MADE

Please note: Due to current demand there may be up to a 12 week for shipping…

Here’s a few highlights from last year’s Tokyo Game show where the prototype for the Z3D was first seen. It gaged such a reaction we had just had to make it available for purchase… Enjoy!

Any questions at all about the Z3D just email us at [email protected]