2D to 3D Unity demo with Voxon volumetric display

World First Trans-dimensional Particle Flow

Another World First

Is this another world first for Voxon? Just for fun we created a “Trans-dimensional particle flow”, a stream of geometric objects that pass directly from two-dimensional space into physical three-dimensional space.
The demo was created using the Voxon Unity package and uses a camera object to render a view of falling geometric primitives directly to a material texture which was then mapped to a plane that was aligned with the base of the volume. When gravity is inverted, the falling objects pop out of the 2D “video screen” into three-dimensional Euclidean space.
It’s brain-melting to watch…..

Let us know what other amazing content you would love to see created for Voxon’s volumetric technology!

For those that have some knowledge of Unity or are wanting to learn more about using Unity to develop content for the Voxon VX1, our Unity and Software Integration specialist Ben Weatherall, has listed the steps below on how to make this little Unity demo below…

Steps to make the trans-dimensional particle flow 2D to 3D demo

  • Install Voxon package
  • Add _camera Prefab to scene
  • Set Gravity to (0,-0.001, 0) (very small upwards float)
  • Create Spawner Script far below camera (-120)
  • Create primitive shape every X frames
  • Apply colour to it
  • Add rigid body for physics
  • Apply upward force (7) and random sideways force (-7,7)
  • Apply random rotation
  • Add VXGameObject (Lets it be drawn in scene)
  • Create Destructor
  • Plane positioned above _camera, destroys game objects on touch
  • Add TextureCamera to scene (Camera object)
  • Position above _camera
  • Set TargetTexture
  • Set minimum distance to just below _camera
  • Add DrawPlane at bottom of _camera (Plane object)
  • Block accepts / casts shadows
  • Fill black instead of Skybox
  • Invert Scale (flip texture)
  • Add Texture Reflection script to DrawPlane
  • Set texture_camera as input
  • Each frame write texture_camera.texture to DrawPlane texture
  • Force Dynamic refresh of Voxon copy of texture
  • Add Shapes to box primitives (stops them flying off in all directions)

On play the Spawner will generate primitives which will ‘fall’ upwards as a slow speed, they will be seen by the camera and drawn on the internal buffer. This buffer will then be updated to the DrawPlane on the next frame which will show a 2D image of the shapes getting closer.

Once the shapes move into the _camera, they will no longer be in view of the texture_camera and will instead be drawn in the 3D volume.
After leaving the _camera they will continue to move up and touch the Destructor which will destroy the primitive.

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