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Work Experience At Voxon With Ben Pruszinski

We were lucky enough to have a Year 10 student from Emmaus Christian College, Benjamin Pruszinski, in for ‘work experience’ last week. Whilst it was only a short stay, it’s amazing what can be achieved and learnt in only a few days! We tried to give Ben an overview of what it is like working in a small business with lots of things going on, and the next thing we knew, he was part of the team! During his stay Ben developed a 3D volumetric multiplayer ‘Pong’ game in Unity, learnt about digital manufacturing, business development, marketing, volumetric photography, social media and customer support. Ben will be missed…

So we thought we would ask Ben a few questions about his work experience at Voxon…

Q1: How did you find out about Voxon Photonics?

  • Through a newspaper article, I was fascinated by what they did (ideas, inspiration, etc.)
  • I did some more research, found the website, watched their videos – it looked epic!

Q2: Why did Voxon Photonics interest you?

  • Holograms looked incredible
  • Loved that Voxon gained inspiration from the holograms in Star Wars
  • Downloaded the Voxon SDK and models looked excellent on computer, so thought they would look marvellous on VX1
  • Voxon used Unity to create some of their 3D games – I love using Unity in my spare time

Q3: What did you expect your work experience would be like at Voxon Photonics?

  • Hoping I could learn more about how small businesses operate, the VX1, coding
  • Was really wishing to create a 3D game on Unity to play on the VX1

Q4: What did you enjoy about doing work experience at Voxon Photonics?

  • The passionate team
  • The atmosphere of the workplace
  • The willingness of the team to answer my questions
  • Seeing the VX1 in operation
  • Being able to create a game and see it/play it on the VX1

Q5: What were your impressions of the VX1?

  • Incredible – images are so clear (particularly when monochromatic) and you can see so much more than if it were a standard two-dimensional image
  • Brilliant that you can create your own models + games to see/play on the VX1 so easily

Q6: What did you learn from your time at Voxon Photonics?

  • The team taught me many things (coding, marketing, commercialisation strategies, 3D modelling etc.)
  • The effort involved in running such a business

Q7: What type of workplace I would like to work in the future?

  • One like this!

Well, he was obviously just being polite 🙂 The video above give you a sneak peak of what Ben developed in just a couple of days! He said he’ll be working on some improvements over the next few weeks in his spare time too. Cannot wait to see the final product…

We really enjoyed having Ben join our team for a week and also appreciated the delicious chocolate cake that he cooked for us and brought in on his last day. Ben, you are a star!
Voxon Cake

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