Game of Thrones hologram

Winter is Here (Game of Thrones Title Sequence Hologram)

It’s bang in the middle of winter here in Australia, so we are not lying when we say Winter is here! And with a new Game of Thrones series (season 7) starting in a couple of days we thought it would be fun to recreate the famous opening title sequence – in a 3D volumetric display of course…

So, we needed someone to do the hard work and actually create a 3D model. With a little bit or searching we came across a great model by Max Berends using Blender 3D. You can see his YouTube video here. Max’s video highlights just how good some 3D animation and modelling can be.

A quick export of Max’s Blender 3D file into an STL file sequence and we had something we could display on the Voxon VX1. Then we needed some dramatic music… Enter a Game of Thrones orchestral cover from sleightlymusic on YouTube (which can be seen here).

And this is the result…

The actual export from Blender took about 5 minutes – about 1600 frames of animation. We didn’t have much time to film it but you can get a good idea on how 3D data can be displayed on the VX1. Let us know if you have questions in the comments below.

If you are new to Voxon and you want to find out a little more, you can read our previous blog on how we have now gone from prototype to product here: The Voxon VX1 – now available for purchase and click through for pricing or more information… We will be back soon to talk more about creating content for the Voxon VX1.


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