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Voxon’s 3D Volumetric Display Wows The Crowds

What an amazing week we just had in Sydney for the 2017 CeBIT conference. We headed over to showcase our 3D volumetric display units (now available commercially as the Vx1) and Gavin and Will had almost completely lost their voices by the end of the three days. The Voxon stand was always busy, and to have so many people walk in and say “Wow” or “This is the best tech at the whole exhibition” just blew us away. It was just so great to have such amazing feedback. We have compiled a little photo blog of the trip. As always, any questions around the technology, please feel free to ask in the comments.

Jaw Dropping 3D Volumetric Display

Voxon at CeBIT Sydney

Mesmerising for both old and young

Voxon Volume

3D medical imaging

The Voxon display wowed people of all ages…

3D Volumetric Holigraphic display

Some students from Nepal mesmerised…

3D Gaming

3D gaming always wins with the younger crowd. Playing 3D pacman, 3D tetris or 3D chess without any special glasses with your friends watching on is a great way to spend an hour or two… or three.

3D Tetris

3D Medical Imaging

Whilst the 3D display for medical imaging potential impressed many…

3D Medical Imaging

3D Communications

Others pondered the future of communications…

3D Communications

Overall, we just enjoyed chatting to the conference attendees about how this amazing technology could benefit their business and daily lives… How could your business benefit from a 3D Volumetric Display? We spoke to so many people interested in how they could use the technology, with super excited architects, miners, universities, museums and of course, event planners and agencies that love the idea of introducing jaw dropping (and crowd pulling) technology to their clients.

3D Volumetric Display

The CeBIT conference is APAC’s largest & longest running B2B technology exhibition & conference with more than 15,000 technology professionals from enterprise, government, SME & start-up’s attending.

Thank you to all of you who visited us and again, feel free to contact us if you are wanting more information. We would love to hear from you.


  • Mark Harmon says:

    I’m impressed, but I wonder if its limited in size due to mechanical constraints? Is it currently possible to make say a 2 meter square version?
    My interest is in creating content for volumetric displays.

    • Lynton Manuel says:

      Thanks Mark, yes it’s somewhat limited in size due to mechanical limitations. We could certainly make something larger on the x and y axis but the height is the main limitation. We can imagine displaying a real soccer game however, where the height of the display wouldn’t need to be that high etc though. If you want to get involved with creating content fo volumetirc displays the first thing you should do is download the SDK which comes with a simulator so you won’t need any special hardware. If you want more information then send us a quick email and we are happy to chat. Thanks again for your interest

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