Voxon VX1 At F1 In Schools Finals

We get pretty excited when we see students using the VX1. What is most interesting, is often seeing the way students socialise and interact with each other around the display. Being able to stand around the display and visualise an object / animation / game / any 3D data, allows for that face to interaction and discussion that you often don’t see using other mediums such as iPhones, iPads or when wearing VR headsets.

So, when we were asked by some students from Adelaide High School as to whether we would sponsor them and allow them to borrow a VX1 for their trip to Launceston, Tasmania for the F1 in schools finals, we thought, why not! It would be great to see the VX1 on display in front of other schools, and it would be great to see what the students could come up with in regards to displaying their F1 car designs.

Little did we know that another school from NSW, St Philip’s Christian College (who had already purchased a VX1 for their STEM program) would be taking the VX1 to the national finals as well…
Two super innovative schools, two great teams of students, both showcasing their awesome F1 car designs on the VX1… Here’s just some of the highlights below.

The Soda Chargers team from St Philip’s Christian College, Newcastle designed their car and then created an exploding animation for the Voxon VX1 volumetric display.

St Philip's Christian College F1 in schools
The St Philip’s Christian College, Newcastle, F1 in schools team.


James, a year 9 student at St Philip's Christian College , Newcastle - already proficient in the ways of the Voxon VX1 3D volumetric display
James, a year 9 student at St Philip’s Christian College , Newcastle – already proficient in the ways of the Voxon VX1 3D volumetric display! The force is certainly strong with this one…


Adelaide High School's Primatic team at the F1 in Schools Finals
Adelaide High School’s Primatic team at the F1 in Schools Finals in Launceston, By all reports they all had an amazing time.

Side note: By the time the Adelaide High School students had returned home, the school had purchased a VX1 unit. The F1 in Schools Finals had highlighted pretty quickly just how much the VX1 could help engage students. Adelaide High were keen to take this further and integrate this into their curriculum and help improve student learning outcomes. We can’t wait to work more with both St Philip’s and Adelaide High over the coming months…

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