Voxon Visits London and Madrid

We were lucky enough to be invited to London recently to be on BBC’s Digital Planet Radio Show and then travel to Madrid to be on the El Hormiguero TV show.

Although limited on time, we also made sure we had found some time to demo our technology to as many interested people and businesses as possible. Sometimes when you are immersed in the technology every day, you forget just how different our technology is to anything out there. Sometimes you just have to take step back, watch the reactions of technology enthusiasts and leaders and remember that yes, what we are doing is actually amazing.

Check out just some of the reactions when in London and Madrid after seeing our 3D volumetric display technology for the first time…



Voxon Dejarik in Madrid

And… This is just the beginning… Where we go from here – well, that’s up to you…

If you have a vision for the future of holographic displays within your industry, contact us. We are keen to chat.

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