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Voxon Software Major Update

Voxon Software Major Update

Today we are excited to be releasing a major software improvement designed to greatly enhance the user experience for our VX1 users. A whole new Graphical User Interface has been designed for the VX1 touch screen that allows the user to quickly move through applications and media as well as download new media packs when they become available and makes software management easy. The next time Voxon has a cool demo, volumetric video or new game that we would love to share, we will now be able to make this available for download for everyone easily.

The Voxon Software Installer has been designed as a single .msi file (windows installer) that will install the Developers Kit on a PC (for both hardware owners and non hardware owners) and the new Vertex on Voxon hardware such as the VX1.

Voxon Software Installer

Introducing the Voxon Software Installer. A simple solution to install Voxon Software onto your machine. 

All Voxon software is now managed by one installer. The Voxon Software Installer installs different software depending on the system. On a standard Windows machine the installer installs the Developer Kit giving the user access to the tools and support materials to create their own content. Running the installer on Voxon hardware will install our new graphical user interface, Vertex.

Features :

  • Installs the Developers Kit on a Windows system and Vertex on Voxon hardware.
  • Bundled within a Single .MSI file
  • Uninstalls previous installations

Developers Kit

Formerly known as our Software Development Kit. Our new Developers Kit is more streamlined towards any development for Voxon hardware. We have curated a whole bunch of useful content to assist developers to make the most of the box. 

Our Developers Kit contains the same VoxieBox.dll that all Voxon hardware uses to display it’s technology. The VoxieBox.dll can run in simulation mode making so any developer can see how their content would look on Voxon hardware on a traditional 2D screen. The simulator is a powerful tool and almost identical to the hardware.

Our Unity plugin is more stable and robust than ever with many new enhancements and example scenes. For developers interested in using the VoxonAPI natively we now include over 20 example C programs. For users of Visual Studio 2017 there is a C++ template. For those more interested in 3d modeling there are also examples for developing codeless 3d animations. There are a handful of new tools and assistant programs included too. 

For those wishing to contribute to the development kit or those who want the very latest we have hosted our Developers Kit on github.   


We are very excited about this new overhaul and can’t wait to see what the community creates with this new kit.


  • The latest VoxieBox.dll and simulator updates
  • A more robust and feature rich Unity Plugin (Unity 2018 recommended)
  • Over 20 example C programs included
  • C++ Visual Studio 2017 template 
  • Examples of how to make 3d Animations for VoxieOS
  • Examples of VoxieOS media file types .obj, .kv6, .stl, .mol, heightmap and DICOM data
  • Various assistant tools;  keyview, pngOut & input testers and more… 
Voxon Developer Kit
The new folder structure for the Voxon Developers Kit.
Voxon Unity plugin
The latest Voxon Unity Plugin with 17 example scenes.
Voxon c programmers
Rotating 3D Objects one of the example demos for C programmers
Voxon drawing program
A drawing program written in C ready for analysis.
Voxon Unity Plugin.
Drawing a batch of pixels natively using the Voxon Unity Plugin.


Introducing Vertex. Voxon’s graphical user interface for Voxon hardware. Vertex manages all software, settings and updates for Voxon hardware. Say goodbye to double clicking Windows desktop shortcuts to run programs on your VX1! 

This first version of Vertex downloads software and updates from the cloud. Vertex manages your media and software libraries, easily adjusts display settings all by use of the touch screen.

More features, including an app store to come. 


  • Easy to use touch screen to operate Voxon hardware. 
  • Check for software and system updates by the press of a button.
  • Manages all Voxon applications and media.
  • Adjust Voxon settings with ease. 
  • More stability. Vertex will manage a Voxon application crash and save time and hassle.
Voxon VX1 Vertex
Vertex running on a VX1.
Voxon Software
The recent tab in Vertex shows the last 5 run apps.
Voxon app library
The library tab lists all software apps installed on your VX1
Voxon app
In depth details and launch options for every Voxon app.
Voxon app
In the settings tab all Voxon settings can be tweaked.

In conclusion we believe that this new interface will make it so much simpler to manage the software on the VX1 and when we, or one of our partners, have amazing things to share then we can make those easily available for everyone. Any questions, just contact us using the button below. Enjoy!

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