Voxon on El Hormiguero in Madrid

I remember first getting an email from one of the producers of a TV show in Spain, El Hormiguero, asking if Voxon could come to Madrid to be on a live TV show with some celebrities, in front of millions of viewers, and thinking…. what could go wrong?

Well, these opportunities for startups don’t come along that often, so I ignored the obvious language barrier, and that the filming of our volumetric displays is really really hard to do, the fact that it was live TV, the fact that the celebrities could be… well anyone, and started to think of all the positives. Hey Tom Cruise might get to play our Z3D! 

We just happened to be travelling to London the week earlier to be on the BBC’s Digital Planet live 18th birthday radio show and were preparing to do the World’s First International Holographic Video Call, so surely this would just be a fun addition to the trip! With the producers at El Hormiguero being extremely helpful and accomodating and offering to book us into accommodation near the TV studios, we thought, hey why not?! Let’s do this…

Logistically, it was actually difficult. The team at El Hormiguero had a highly regarded ‘science section’ within their TV show and they thought that our volumetric displays and holograms would blow people away, but they had also seen our recently released Z3D arcade version. “Could you bring a Z3D as well as that would be fun?”. Sure, why not… 

We had decided that Voxon’s CTO, Gavin Smith, along with Computer Software and Game Developer Matt Vecchio would head to London. They were already taking two VX1’s, so we decided to ship the Z3D top directly to Spain. We already had excess luggage from the VX1 equipment we were carrying but, getting the Z3D top through customs though wasn’t going to be as easy as we thought. With only two days to go before we were live on TV we were soon calling on friends in Madrid to help us out with translations, paperwork and payments. So a big shout out to Jose Luis Navarro for helping us out and getting our Z3D through customs at the last minute!

So, here’s how the TV show went down…


We mentioned earlier that our volumetric displays are very difficult to video because of the mismatch in frame rate with the TV cameras and the high speed reciprocating screen within our technology, so the video footage could have been a little better, but overall the TV show was a great success, was a lot of fun and has generated a lot of interest and enquiries… And,we loved Madrid and the Spanish hospitality!

Here’s a few behind the scenes pics.

Voxon on El Hormiguero tv
Voxon on El Hormiguero tv
Voxon on El Hormiguero tv
Voxon on El Hormiguero tv
Voxon on El Hormiguero tv

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