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Voxon March 2021 Software Update

Software Update

A new major update for our software is here. While our last major update (in November 2020) focused on performance tweaks to the core Voxon Photonic Engine and a new program PrimPaint, this update focuses on Vertex, our GUI for launching Voxon Apps. This update also features a handful of runtime tweaks, new media, content packs and various bug fixes.

Vertex 2.0

Vertex 2.0 is here with a wealth of new features. We are making steps to make Vertex a convenient and easy tool for using our devices. The new features in Vertex 2.0 are plentiful, the highlights are:

  • Vertex Store a new Store tab has been added enabling Voxon Apps and media packs to be downloaded, installed and managed all through Vertex.
  • A Download Manager to manage downloads and Vertex updates.
  • Uninstalling of packages; Voxon Apps or media packs can be removed through Vertex.
  • Diagnostics Report now Vertex can show check for software and hardware errors and display the Voxiebox.log
  • Front End Animations. Vertex now has some slick transition animations and a handful of new themes. Animations can be disabled in the Settings tab
  • Adding Custom Packages To Vertex. Users can add their own media packs or Voxon Apps unto vertex by (Drag in Drop or manually adding to the ‘MyApps / MyMedia’ folder)
  • Scriptable Starting Program users can now customise a starting up Voxon application for when the system has been turned on.
  • More Settings the Settings tab now contains even more settings for users to adjust.
Vertex store

The Vertex Store allows users to browse for new Voxon Apps or media packs. Icons which are lit brightly are new packages yet to be installed locally. Dimmed icons are packages which are already installed on your system. On the left side users can choose to browse either Apps of Media.

Vertex store on Voxon VX1

A little glimpse of some of the animations in Vertex 2.0.

Smithsonian Collection

New Media Packs

Two new sample packs have been released. Sample Pack 2 and The Smithsonian Collection the former is a collection of various media types which have been created or sourced by Voxon Photonics. The Smithsonian Collection is a collection of 3D digital scans of various artifacts by the Smithsonian Digitization Program Office (https://3d.si.edu/).

Both these media packs are available to download from the Vertex Store.

Volumetric capture

Improvements made to VoxieOS including support for .KNI files

VoxieOS has been revamped. Now a slicker, simpler design accompanies VoxieOS on the touchscreen, highlighting keyboard shortcuts and media type information. VoxieOS now supports the .KNI filetype enabling depth camera footage to be played directly from VoxieOS. 

What’s Next?

Our focus is on developers and creators. We want to enhance the Developer Kit with the goal of making it easier for users to work with our technology. We are developing an exciting new way for third party programs to integrate with our devices.

If you have any feedback about our software or have any stories that you wish to share. You can contact me at [email protected]

Thank you for joining us on the journey and hope you are enjoying the ride!

Matthew Vecchio – Content Director at Voxon Photonics.

How to get the updated Runtime or Developer Kit:

If you have a VX1 with Vertex this update can be installed using Vertex’s update button. (located in the bottom right corner of the touchscreen).

If you don’t have Vertex on your VX1 the update is included with the latest Voxon Installer which can be downloaded here.

For bleeding edge updates to the SDK check our GitHub page.

Change List

  • Runtime Build Date :  Feb 17th 2021
  • Unity Plugin Date :  Jul 2nd 2020
  • C# Bridge Date :  Nov 4th 2020

New Software

  • GravityDemo – a Unity demo which simulates a planet’s gravity.  


  • [Bug] VoxieBox.Log now has the comma in the right place when logging.
  • [Bug] File Picker now support multiple file types and changing drives
  • [Bug] More stability when detecting for Voxon Hardware
  • [Feat] Voxiebox.dll now includes ability to scale colour by vertice in voxie_drawmeshtex  (+16:scale col by vt[i].col for surfaces)


  • [Bug] VoxieRec files now playback correctly (there was a bug in some previous versions) 
  • [Bug] Now Left Shift and Ctrl now do the same as Right Shift and Ctrl
  • [Bug] DICOM now uses L/R Alt for faster/slower thresholding
  • [Feat] Touchscreen backgrounds now have a slicker more modern design.
  • [Feat] Thumbnails for 3D models updated – now a ? mark instead of Caco.Kni
  • [Feat] .Kni files can now be played by VoxieOS
  • [Feat] forward vs inverted controls for heightmaps are now an option in the menu and voxieos.ini: heimap_inv_ctrls=1;


  • [Feat] Importing 3D models, 2D planes
  • [Feat] New Tool ‘Grabber’ Grab and move voxels
  • [Feat] New Build Mode 4 – wave like motion
  • [Bug] many small changes and updates


  • [Bug] Packer now shows correct help image

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