Voxon in Japan

Voxon in Japan

We were lucky enough to visit Japan last week. Here’s some video highlights…

Back story…

Way back in early 2013 Gav and I were introduced a Kiwi guy (New Zealander for those that don’t get hang around Australians enough) named Joseph White who was living in Tokyo and building an amazing game platform called Voxatron.
To quote Joseph “Voxatron is a fantasy console and collection of games made entirely out of voxels (little colourful cubes, kind of). The Alpha version comes with an arena shooter and action-adventure cartridges as well as powerful design tools to make your own voxelly games!”
When Joseph originally created Voxatron, he dreamed of it running on a Volumetric Display. That display, sadly, didn’t exist at the time, so he wrote a simulator on which to visualise the game on a 2D monitor.

Impromptu trip to Japan!

It was late on a Thursday afternoon when a message arrived that some senior executives from one of the biggest corporations in Japan were all going to be in a boardroom and wanted to see our tech in person. We needed to be in Tokyo in four days! This is an actual video recording of what happened in our office:

Tokyo – The spiritual home of our tech

It was about half way through our trip that something started to sink in – in the heart of Akihabara, it dawned upon us that this crazy place overflowing with technology, flashing lights, manga and all kinds of awesome was probably the closest place to a spiritual home for our technology as anywhere on earth! It is something you can’t really understand until you have actually been there and experienced it for yourself. We were in our element…
We finally met Joseph in person after all those years….

Joseph White Pico Pico Cafe Tokyo Japan
Gavin & Will meet Joseph White at Joseph’s Pico Pico Cafe, Tokyo
Will and Gavin from Voxon Photonics in Tokyo Japan
Will and Gavin in their element in Tokyo…

Anyway, the Volumetric Display that didn’t exist when Joseph started work on Voxatron does exist now and it’s called the Voxon VX1. Joseph is now making some tweaks to the Voxatron engine to make it run natively on the VX1. When complete, not only will Voxtron be playable in this mesmerising new format, but so will any game written in the Voxatron game editor.
Having spent the last week learning the Voxatron editor, I’d describe Voxatron as a “fully destructible, mesmerizing, zany, retro-voxalistic, physics sandbox”, with a learning curve that will have you coding imaginative, psychedelic, explosion filled adventures in a few hours. I love it and my kids love it, and I keep thinking of excuses to play with it. The best bit… the editor is entirely self contained, with audio, graphics and gameplay all editable within a simple, and graphically cute graphics interface. You feel like you are hiding away in a cosy fantasy world.
If you’re into retro gaming, or just want to have some fun learning to build fun computer games, you should totally get yourself a copy!


And if you want to see our tech in person, we’ll be back in September for the Tokyo Game Show. Make sure you come and say hi!

And of our meetings with those big Japanese companies? Well, let’s see what happens there 🙂

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