Voxon on CNET

Voxon features on CNET’s What The Future

Voxon on CNET

We were lucky enough to be featured in CNET’s What The Future program recently. CNET is a global media company that advises on what’s new in tech, culture and science, why it matters, how it works and what you need.

Presenter Jesse Orrall talks you through the technology in a way that everyone can understand… Jesse talks with Voxon CEO, Gavin Smith about how it all came about and where we are heading.

This video is well worth watching…

CNET’s Youtube channel has around 2.5 million subscribers and at the time of writing, this video has had 654,000+ views. Let’s just say our email enquiries have gone a little nuts…

Thanks CNET for sharing our technology with the world. If you want to know more or would like to partner with Voxon to bring volumetric displays to your industry, Contact Us Now...

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