Voxon CEO Will Tamblyn talks innovation on The INshow – Radio Adelaide

Our CEO Will Tamblyn was on The INshow radio show this morning as their innovator of the week. You can hear him here on their podcast talking from the 10min 30secs mark (episode 7)…

The InShow Radio

Thanks to Radio Adelaide and the INshow producers for inviting us on to their show!

The iN Show is on Mondays at 6am, an iNformative program on emerging technologies. Join Troy and David each Monday morning where the boys explore iNnovation from across the globe. Claire Murphy also brings the latest iNformation highlighting really cool tech stories from all over and brings you iN the News. Hear from key iNfluencers, a dedicated spot for the shows iNnovator of the Week, and Whats iN highlighting key events going on each week, you will discover the world of iNnovation future thinking.

For more info and to join the community visit www.theinshow.online

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