Voxon at Disrupt

Voxiebox at TechCrunch Disrupt

Voxiebox was present for all three days of the conference and was located in the VR stand. Here’s some video highlighting some of the action from the show.


  • Steve Lehar says:

    Hey Voxon, wow! What an awesome concept! It looks to me that you encode a voxel image and then paint it out slice by slice. Is that right? Have you considered using pure vector graphics? “paint out” the shape itself, instead of a raster-scanned voxel version. I’d look into Clifford Algebra to see what kinds of 3-D shapes can be painted out in cyclic scans.

  • Lynton Manuel says:

    Hi Steve, thanks for the interest. I’ve conferred with our CTO, Gavin Smith on this one… If by vectors you mean a scanning laser, then that’s not possible due to the slow nature of scanning lasers. Galvo’s typically scan at up to 100,000 points per second, whereas we project upward of 30 million voxels per second.

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