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Voxatron 1 Minute Level Design for Voxon VX1


For those that don’t know, Voxatron is an action / adventure game engine created with voxels. Joseph White, a New Zealander now living in Tokyo, started working on Voxatron around 2004. Way back then, Joseph had the notion that one day it would be playable on a volumetric display and be viewed from any angle in true 3D volumetric format. Joseph, being a good friend of Voxon’s, now has the Voxatron engine running flawlessly on the VX1 which we are pretty excited about.

You can download Voxatron here and create games very simply on most computers.

How to make a Voxatron level in 1 minute.

In 1 minute, you can build & test a fully destructive glasses-free volumetric 3D game level. Every Voxon VX1 3D display ships with Voxatron. You can run Voxatron Designer on PC, Mac or Linux, but for the true “Holographic” effect, you will need a VX1 🙂

Here’s the steps on how we created this simple level (see video above) on Voxatron…

  • Start Voxatron Designer on PC
  • Use “Select” to select character and move him around with Arrow keys and A,Z for up down
  • Select block from Objects menu
  • Use mouse to add “Pavillion” to level
  • Press Play ( shoprtcut is P )
  • Select BASE and choose Liquid
  • Change water to Lava
  • Press Play ( shortcut is P )
  • Add Pillar to room
  • Select “Warp in” icon for Pillar, select Time and change time value to 5 seconds.
  • Press Play ( shortcut is P ) ( see Pillar warp in at 5 seconds )
  • Add more pillars to level
  • Add a tree to level
  • Press Play
  • Add more plants to level
  • Add a Dragon from the “Actors” tab
  • Press play
  • Add some boxes and an exploding barrel to level
  • Press play
  • Run around and shoot using arrow keys and x and y to shoot and jump
  • Save Level to PNG file
  • Copy to VX1
  • Run game

How cool is that?

Voxatron is the perfect introduction to coding for kids even as young as 8-10 or any adult who is excited about making volumetric games easily…

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