Voxon volumetric display being used in cardiology

Volumetric Technology In Cardiology

Holographic Heart Project

At the University of Mississippi, Dr Frank Han has started a Holographic Heart project with the aim of educating all levels of medical trainees on the intricacies of Cardiology and Congenital Heart Disease. Thanks to the expert artistry of: Dr William Peters, Cardiothoracic surgeon of the Starship Hospital in New Zealand, Anna Sieben, a medical illustrator working with the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands, Thomas Haglund, a biomedical engineer of the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, Dr Kelly Jarvis, a postdoctoral imaging fellow of Northwestern University, and The University of Toronto, the Cardiology team at the University of Mississippi has access to 3-dimensional models of all major congenital heart diseases.
Dr Frank Han said “Already, the feedback has been very positive in regards to the 3D volumetric display. People have mentioned that they have never seen the heart in such detail before and that it aids in learning the complex spatial relationships of our most complex congenital heart diseases. I personally had my understanding of some cardiac surgeries solidified by the holographic projection technique. The machine is featured in our Echocardiography laboratory, and the trainees have access to the machine at all times. Our team is grateful to Voxon for making the next generation of 3D holographic imaging a reality.”

Animated heart credit: Doctor Jana

Voxon CEO, Gavin Smith was excited to see the models that they were using for medical training and said, “To see our technology being used in such important medical use cases, including congenital heart disease and cardiology training, is just extraordinary. It’s extremely satisfying to hear that both medical students and seasoned cardiologists acknowledge that viewing 3D medical data on Voxon’s volumetric technology, can solidify their learning in such a technical field.”

Holographic Heart Project. Credit: Anna Sieben

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