Volumetric Medical Imaging on the Voxon VX1

In the world of 3D medical imaging, DICOM is the main file format used to store data from MRI, CT and other 3D scanning technologies. We are excited to say that we can now display DICOM files natively on the VX1, giving medical practitioners the ability to view and manipulate MRI or CT scans in 3D volumetric format, right in front of their eyes. Plug in a USB containing the DICOM file and then segment / scale / rotate / and zoom in. View the 3D volumetric data from any angle without the need for any special glasses.
Have a look at what a DICOM file looks like when displayed on the VX1 below.

The VX1 can now be used for training, as well as doctor / patient communication. Whilst we are still working on improving some more functionality (multiple regions of interest, colour segmentation, data export), we think this opens up a whole new way of viewing 3D medical data. You can read our previous blog here about the potential for medical imaging, where we extracted an STL file from a DICOM data set, but this process eliminates the need to convert files and enables more opportunities via real-time segmentation and thresholding. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts below.
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