Blender and Voxon

Volumetric Display Add-on for Blender

Real-time concurrent 3D volumetric data design and display

This is a first glimpse of real-time concurrent 3D volumetric data design and display using Blender 3D and a Voxon Photonics VX1 display.

We wrote a blender addon that intercepts mesh data and sends it to an IP address where a listener program converts it into Volumetric draw commands. Getting instant visual feedback is a game changer. Watch the video below…

Voxon’s volumetric technology

The VX1 creates true 3D models of a scene that exist in a physical space, you can look at them from any angle, even directly above. The scenes are interactive and render at 30 Volumes per second and you don’t need to wear any special headgear or glasses.

This is not AR or VR, but simply an alternative way of viewing and sharing digital 3D data with a group of people.

For more details on how it works, please visit https://voxon.co/technology/

The VX1 is available now for $9800 USD and is ideally suited to Universities and other organisations where analysis and presentation of complex data is common.

Please follow @voxonphotonics on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to keep informed about our latest development. Thanks and happy new year!

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