Viewing DICOM Files Tutorial

This video tutorial demonstrates how to download and view DICOM medical data on the voxon VX1 volumetric display.

We have written previously about some of the amazing new features we have added for viewing DICOM files from MRI or CT scans (you can read this blog here: DICOM Files Supported Natively and New Features Added ) however haven’t really explained just how simple it was to display, segment, threshold and manipulate DICOM medical data, so we thought we would create this quick tutorial.

If you have your own DICOM files then it’s as simple as zipping the .DCM files up into a folder, place them onto a USB and then you can display straight to the VX1. If you were just experimenting with DICOM then this video shows you one of the many places that you can download free DICOM files to view…


We have also added a number of DICOM files from animal CT scans to our demo models on the VX1 – many of these can now be downloaded free of charge from various depositories on the web. Hey, we even found an Egyption mummy that had been scanned and available as a DICOM file and easily viewable on our volumetric display!

We would love to know what you think so please leave your comments below. Part of the medical community and would like more information on the Voxon VX1? Click here to find out more…


Voxon Photonics DICOM New York Times
Photo: Matthew Abbott for The New York Times

We have now added features to measure distances been two points in volumetric space, as well as angles (handy for orthopaedic surgeons) and the a ‘slice’ function which allows you to display a just slice of the volumetric data across all angles.

Questions? Surely there’s a few so please feel free to contact us for more information 🙂

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