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Unity game developed for the VX1

Unity Plugin Update Opens The Floodgates For VX1 Content Creation

Some great news… We have been working on our Unity plugin and are super excited to announce some major improvements. This opens the floodgates for VX1 content creation. So if you are an existing Unity developer or even new to Unity, you can now create awesome content for our volumetric display within a few minutes…

Just some of the improvements to Voxon’s Unity plugin are listed here:

  • 24,000 times faster to load meshes!
  • Three example scenes provided to get you started
  •  Run the VX1 simulator directly from within the Unity editor
  • Compile settings automatically loaded
  • Warnings now in place for missing key bindings
  • Improved exception handling
  • Capture volume now scales smoothly
  • Texture cleanup for destroyed meshes

The new Unity plugin can be downloaded here:

Download Unity Plugin

Developed in Unity for the Voxon VX1

Developed in Unity for the Voxon VX1

We have created a quick YouTube video on how to use our Unity plugin… Listen to the dulcet tones of our CTO Gavin Smith’s voice whilst discovering just how quick and easy it is to create amazing games and animations for the VX1 using Unity.

Let us know what you think in the comments below 🙂

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