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Unity Plugin Beta Release

We are really excited to be able to release a Unity plugin for our VX1. It’s now available for beta testing and can be downloaded here.

We have created a quick video tutorial on how to use the Unity plugin and render your Unity assets to both our simulator and VX1 hardware. Please watch the video below and enjoy dulcet tones of Gavin’s voice.

If you are one of the 5 million registered Unity developers who would like to test and provide feedback on the plugin, we would love you to get involved. There may be a few bugs so please feel free to feed those bugs back to us so we can fix and improve the plugin.
The Unity plugin will make it even easier for those schools or businesses who have purchased a VX1 and are wanting to create amazing content to wow their customers and stakeholders. We have already had extremely successful trials, with the innovation team within UBank in Sydney using the VX1 at the National Bank AGM (UBank is part of NAB) to demonstrate what surely is a world first – a “Volumetric Artificial Intelligence Driven Voice Activated Mortgage Chatbot“. UBank used the functionality of their chatbot and combine it with Alexa (Amazon’s voice service) to receive questions from customers, and then had the answers coming back to them (using the IBM Watson AI platform) by voice, lip synced by a talking volumetric face (the Voxon VX1) – all pretty cool and a great way to demonstrate technology and innovation in a somewhat traditional industry.

Volumetric talking face
Volumetric Artificial Intelligence Driven Voice Activated Mortgage Chatbot

What could your school, university or business do with the Unity plugin and the Voxon VX1 volumetric display?


  • Josua Rauschenbach says:

    Hi, there is a glass or plastic globe around the hologramm. Is this needed or will it still be shown if you remove it?

    • Lynton Manuel says:

      Hi Joshua,
      The dome is really just there to protect the screen that is moving at very fast speed. It can be removed easily, however we usually recommend keeping the dome on in most environments, especially schools, universities and events where there are lots of people or students around. It protects the screen getting damaged from fingers / coffee etc and helps to keep noise to a minimum. Hope this helps!

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