Tim McMillan and Rachel Snow at Voxon HQ

Tim McMillan and Rachel Snow Volumetric Video Music Clip

A surprise visit to Voxon headquarters

Now, this is how Friday’s should roll… It was the last day of January, and Matt Vecchio, one of our software engineers / musician / audio engineer, walks into the office with a smile on his face.  Some of his good friends were in Adelaide and were coming in to Voxon HQ to record a song.

It’s not exactly standard practice for us to record songs in our office, but we do have a few 3D depth cameras that are great for recording volumetric video. Yes, this is what Matt had in mind and little did we know that his good friends were world renowned musicians, Tim McMillan and Rachel Snow…

This is how it turned out…

If you watch the video above, you get a glimpse of what volumetric capture can look like, but again, it’s just one of those things you need to see in real life… We try and capture what we see on a 3D volumetric display and then put it back onto a 2D video and it just doesn’t capture it… Everything looks better in true 3D!

Tim McMillan and Rachel Snow Hologram

Behind the scenes…

Imagine the day that 3D volumetric displays are everywhere and you can watch your favourite artists and musicians in true 3D, from the comfort of you lounge room. It’s really not that far away… The technology is now here, and as we grow as a business, the future really is only limited by the imagination.

If you haven’t seen our video of the World’s First International Holographic Video Call, make sure you click on the link….

Thank you Tim and Rachel for coming in to visit us…

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