A Surprise Visit From R2D2

R2D2, it is you, it is you!

As massive Star Wars fans, we were pretty excited to meet R2D2 the other day. We were twice as excited when he came to visit our office. When the 2017 Maker Faire Adelaide event was scheduled to be outside our offices at the the new Tonsley innovation precinct, we thought we would just invite people in to see how our volumetric technology was made and demo the tech. Little did we know that an R2D2 would be there as well. An Adelaide local has built the best R2 we have ever seen and is an incredible replica of the unit from the famous Star Wars movies. The little droid even looked like it had been through a lot in it’s time with perfectly placed scuff marks, sounds, lights and robotics, making it an incredible replica.
We captured the moment R2 heard about our tech…

This little droid. I think he’s searching for his former master. I’ve never seen such devotion in a droid before.

And there it was, R2D2 with the Voxon VX1. The inspiration for the Voxon VX1 was partly the scene in Star Wars where R2D2 displays a hologram of Princess Leia. This time, R2 showed us an X-wing.

Here’s what Artoo In Adelaide thought of our volumetric display…

Will from Voxon Photonics and R2D2
R2D2 x-wing
You can read more about how Star Wars Inspired the World’s most advanced volumetric display here


  • -Ken S. says:

    How ironic that robots are not allowed to comment here. How’s C3PO supposed to congratulate his little buddy?

  • Lynton Manuel says:

    Haha, we have heeded Elon Musk’s warning that killer robots may take over the world and have therefore limited comments from potential killer bots. However we are always happy to have cute ones visit or contact us…

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