Voxon's Space Out

Space Out – A Game Made in Unity for the Voxon VX1

We were lucky enough to have University student Nathanael Winckel with us for a 12 week University work placement. Nathanael was keen to learn more about Unity so when we told him that we had just developed a Unity plugin, he was pretty keen to give this a go. Who wouldn’t want to make a game that can be viewed and played in true 3D? Nathanael’s final take on the Unity plugin was “that if you can create a game or scene in Unity, then it’s pretty simple to create something for the VX1”.

The Game – Space Out (3D Volumetric Format)

Here’s a little around the game he created for our 3D volumetric display, the Voxon VX1. We dubbed it ‘Space Out’ as it was a little like Space Invaders and a little like Breakout, so yes, it has a real retro feel!

Nathanael’s comment on the game: “Is it too easy or am I too good?” Trust me, it’s not that easy so it does take some practice…
We spoke to Ben (our year 10 work experience kid) last week and asked him about his experience at Voxon (click here), so we thought we’d ask the same questions of Nathanael! So here we go…

An interview with Nathanael Winckel about his University placement at Voxon Photonics.


Q1: How did you find out about Voxon Photonics?

  • Through my University.
  • I was searching for a placement position where I would be able to do some programming and when I found out about Voxon Photonics, it sounded perfect.

Q2: Why did Voxon Photonics interest you?

  • The holographic display was like nothing I’d ever seen before.
  • Until I got here I didn’t even know we had the technology to make something like that.

Q3: What did you expect your work experience would be like a Voxon Photonics?

  • Wasn’t sure what to expect when I got here.
  • I hoped I’d be able to develop my coding, gain some new skills and leave an impact on Voxon Photonics in some shape or form.

Q4: What did you enjoy about doing a work placement at Voxon Photonics?

  • Being able to see holograms come to life.
  • The opportunity to work with the VX1 and see the game I made displayed as a 3D hologram.
  • The fun, passionate people working here.

Q5: What were your impressions of the VX1?

  • It was amazing to see an object displayed in a three-dimensional space from multiple different angles.
  • You could really see how the holograms from Star Wars influenced the design of the VX.
  • It’s a fantastic way of displaying things like nothing else around right now.

Q6: What did you learn from your time at Voxon Photonics?

  • How to use the Unity game development engine.
  • What working in a team can be like in the real world.
  • What working with new technology can be like.

Q7: What type of workplace I would like to work in the future?

  • Something like this would be great.
  • A small team, working together towards a common goal.
  • One where I can see the results of short term goals and look towards long term goals.

Want to know more about our Voxon VX1? Contact us here and we will do our best to answer all of your questions 🙂

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