To take what has only been imagined, and bring it to life
– that is our purpose

We solved how to write light to space, and have built the first generation of holographic display, but the biggest advancements in our technology will come through partnerships with some of the most innovative leaders in their fields of industry.

We’re dedicated to continually evolving holographic display technology, getting it closer and closer to real life.

We have ideas around the possibilities our holographic display technology might open up in the fields of education, communication, entertainment, gaming, advertising, medical imaging, automotive industry.

But to truly evolve, we want and need to be working together with the truly innovative leaders in their industries, those with a vision for where this could take them.

Together we can explore and develop applications of holographic display that not only position our partners as true leaders in innovation in their space, but further their industries to change the world.

Persistence of vision

Greater Perspective

Human Connection

These are the pillars of our culture at Voxon.

Partnership opportunities

We’re looking to partner with visionaries in the following industries:

  • Automotive

  • Education

  • Medical

  • Communications

  • Advertising

  • Gaming

  • Defence

If you have a vision for the future of your industry with holographic display, contact us and let’s see where we might take this.

Voxon technology

The concept of 3D volumetric display has been taken in many different directions, from VR and AR to autostereoscopic screens.

Where putting on a VR headset lets you visualise data in an immersive way, placing the viewer inside the scene, our technology uses the same volumetric data, but instead captures the scene into a physical volume or space, using hundreds of millions of points of light.

We’re not simply creating a 3D view, we’re rendering a 3D object.

The result is a fully interactive holographic light field that can be viewed from any angle, without headgear or special glasses. In a world where 2D screens have the potential to drive people apart, we are reigniting the campfire experience that brings people together.

We’ve opened up a fully featured 3D API for a community of developers around the world to be able to write their own applications, to bring to life their own imaginings.

Students at Harvard, MIT, and the University of Twente in the Netherlands all have Voxon VX1 displays and are constantly exploring new ideas and using the greater and shared perspective that comes with holographic display to solve new problems.