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November 2020 Runtime Update

Voxon November 2020 Runtime Update

Our last major software update in July included Vertex and a refurbish of our Developers Kit (formerly known as our SDK). This update includes performance and usability updates to the Voxon runtime and a release of a new Voxon painting application.


Work has been done to squeeze the most performance out of the hardware. As a result of runtime’s optimisation users should notice about a 10% increase in overall system performance.


Within this quarter we released an update which introduced the ‘dot size’ setting (found under the ‘render’ tab in the VoxieMenu). This setting increases brightness at the cost of lowering the overall resolution of the volume. This is done by adjusting the size of an individual voxel.

Voxon voxel size increase


During the development of the ‘dot size’ feature we were inspired to experiment with other rendering methods and as a result there is now support for wireframes rendering through the Voxon API. Rendering only the wireframe can accentuate the physical form of a mesh especially if they are organic looking in nature (like a person’s face). It’s a great alternative way to visualise 3D data. 

Voxon wireframe


Useability is another area we have developed further. The Voxon runtime now has an embedded touch keyboard and mouse controls. To enable this feature look under the ‘misc’ tab and select ‘touch controls’. This feature can be useful if you don’t have a keyboard or mouse and want to use the system quickly. Using this feature with a remote desktop connection allows a tablet to be used as a portable touch screen.

Voxon remote desktop

File Browser

Our menu systems now support toggle buttons and a file browser. This will make it easier for developers. Sample code is provided via the VoxieMenu.c coding example included within the Developers Kit.

Voxon file browser

Introducing Prim Paint

Introducing Prim Paint, a multiplayer painting game for 1 – 4 players. Create volumetric drawings with this light hearted approach to painting.

Prim Paint by Voxon

What’s Next?

For our next quarterly update we are aiming to release new features for Vertex including an online app store where users can browse software and media packs. We’re making Vertex easier to use and giving users more control over their device.

If you have any feedback about our software or have any stories that you wish to share. You can contact our Content Director, Matthew Vecchio by email at  [email protected]

Thank you for joining us on the journey and hope you are enjoying the ride!

Change List

Runtime Build Date : Nov 2nd 2020

New Software
Prim Paint a 1 – 4 player volumetric drawing app

[Fix] Removed ‘Reset To Defaults’ Button from VoxieMenu
[Fix] Moved [Capture .PNG/PLY] to ‘Misc’. tab
[Fix] voxie kzfile() functions are now thread safe and support 4 Gb file sizes
[Fix] Brighter native voxon font (voxie_printalph() now outputs brighter text)
[Feat] Added touch keyboard support – under the ‘Misc’ tab
[Feat] Added Wireframe mode for drawing 3d models (use voxie_drawspr_ext() and set flag to 1)
[Feat] Added voxie_drawcone() now supports a surface fillmode (fillmode = 0)
[Feat] Added Toggle style buttons for VoxieMenu (MENU_TOGGLE)
[Feat] Added File Picker menu type for exploring files (MENU_PICKFILE)
[Feat] Added Audio codec support for .Mp3, .WMA & .M4A file types
[Feat] Show runtime of current session under “show stats”.

[Fix] Menu text being adjusted when changing the Z aspect ratio
[Feat] Support for Wireframe mode for models and DICOM
[Feat] Thumbnails for height maps that are oversized are now a canyon.png file.
[Feat] Pos&Ori now saves quality setting for DICOM

[Feat] Support for Wireframe mode for models

Ken’s Labyrinth
[Fix] Random fatal crashing bug on launch

[Fix] ‘Reset to safe default’ now toggles 1 mirror and 2 mirror setup.

[Fix] fixed a Vertex shortcut issue when trying launch a kinect recording session through Vertex

Super Turrets
[Fix] Game Over fatal crash
[Fix] Various Input bugs
[Fix] Input now works properly for players 5,6 and 7
[Feat] Space Mouse controls

SnakeTron Z
[Fix] Memory leak crash bug

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