hologram butterfly on the Voxon VX1

Make Tech Pty Ltd – Voxon VX1 Demo

Introducing Ken from Make Tech Pty Ltd

Occasionally (well quite regularly actually) we get a request to borrow a VX1. “We just want to play for a bit and see how awesome the tech is” seems to be a common weekly request. As a small but growing startup selling the VX1 around the world, it’s almost impossible to be able to manage or facilitate these requests, as much as we would love to have everyone seeing and using our technology. However, when we had a request form local Adelaide tech reviewer and all-time gadget lover, Ken Graham from Maker Tech Pty Ltd, and we weren’t off overseas due to COVID-19 restrictions, then we just had to say yes.

So, Ken borrowed the VX1 for a night, took to his shed, and this what he shared his viewers.

This is the first time we had really seen someone use a time lapse to record the VX1 display. It’s usually pretty difficult to video our volumetric display due to a mismatch in refresh rates (for want of a simpler way of explaining it), so this was quite interesting to see.

Ken shows how simply it is to download models from thingiverse.com and then show them on our display. Nearer to the end of the video also shows just a few of the free colour models that come with the VX1 when purchasing it.

hologram butterfly on the Voxon VX1
Ken from Make Tech Pty

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