lua script on Voxon 3D volumetric display

Lua Script Content Creation for the Voxon VX1

One minute Lua script content creation using Voxatron

Lua scripting in Voxatron is hypnotically addictive. Running the same script on a Voxon Photonics VX1 volumetric display takes it to the next level!

Our CEO Gavin Smith was just playing around and managed to do this in approximately 1 minute. This script provided by eugör on Twitter is only a few lines of code, but feels like it should be so much more. Voxatron is not just for scripting, its a full-blown voxel-based game engine with fully destructive environments.

This is what Gavin did:

  • Found Lua script on Twitter and copied it to the clipboard.
  • Opened Voxatron designer (downloadable from Lexaloffle website)
  • Created a new object of type “script” and pasted the Lua script into it
  • Dragged that script object to a room
  • Pressed Play to test
  • Saved the Voxatron cart to a USB drive and put the USB into the Voxon VX1
  • Ran the cart on the VX1 using the command line

This ended up being super easy and a super cool visualisation… What do you think? Feel free to leave your comments / questions below.

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