Intel Volumetric Video

Intel Embraces ‘Volumetric Video’

At the recent CES 2018 conference, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich talks about a few things, but the one thing that captured our attention was ‘volumetric video’. Brian Krzanich talks about data and how Intel are capturing data so that it can be viewed from all angles volumetrically. In this talk he explains how we can now watch a football game or scene from a movie in VR and really immerse yourself in the game or scene. It certainly looks amazing.

What we think would be really cool, is to view this game or scene on a volumetric display… Imagine you and your friends, sitting around a volumetric display (such as the Voxon VX1) the same size as a coffee table watching a live (or recorded) game of football, beer in hand, watching the game from any angle, in high resolution colour, nearly as if you are up in the stands looking down. No headsets needed. What do you think? Hmmm, maybe we should chat to Intel about this possibility. If anyone knows Brian Krzanich let him know we should make this happen 🙂

We have started the video at the 2:37 mark where Brian starts to talk about volumetric video and the possibilities that volumetric data capture can provide.

In this video Brian also explains what a voxel is. We have been using the term voxel to describe a ‘volumetric pixel’ for a long time now but it’s great to see that the term is being adopted by major brands as 3D volumetric data capture technology becomes more advanced.

Let us know what you think. Who thinks it would be a great idea to watch a World Cup soccer game on a volumetric display?

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