3D Volumetric Display

Some of the funniest & weirdest questions we have been asked

Over the last few years we’ve received a lot of interesting comments or questions… Whilst we have a little laugh here, there’s honestly no such thing as a stupid question when referring to this technology. The first time you see our volumetric display, it will likely be very different to anything you have ever seen before. Thanks for the questions 🙂

3D dragon Voxon animated gif

Can you do a life size hologram of the Eiffel Tower?

Ah, sure, we are also working on a map of the world at 1:1 scale. Oh, wait do you mean the real one in Las Vegas or the fake one in Paris?

It would be really good to have one in my baby’s cot to help him go to sleep…

Speaking as experienced parents, we suggest warm milk, white noise & possibly some counselling (for you, not the baby).

Can I have one at home so I can have a fake friend?

We recommend getting real friends, but here’s a link to our order form.

[gdlr_button href=”http://www.voxon.co/order-a-vx1″ target=”_blank” size=”medium” background=”#000000″ color=”#ffffff” border_color=”#999999″]Order Now[/gdlr_button]

My wife says it doesn’t look 3D. She only has one eye however…

Minimum system requirements – stereoscopic vision.

Can you put your hand through it?

You can’t, but Chuck Norris may have a chance. Chuck would have to move his hand in an out of the entire volume within a 0.06 second window, at precisely the right time.

That’s as fake as hell

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C Clarke

This is devil technology!

No, the “Leaf Blower” is devil technology.

(Standing next to the display) Is it CGI?

Well I guess it does contain a computer inside, and that computer is generating imagery… umm… but…

Will my retinas still work after viewing this?

Yes, but your jaw may may be sore after it hits the floor.

Can you project it out of the box and onto the wall?

Why isn’t there a face palm emoji when you need one?

Can your technology project the light in black?

It’s much easier just to not project any light where you want to have black #justsayin

Would it work underwater?

wtf – why???

Could you put it on a wrist watch?

Only if you have arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Would it be in 9D if looking at the display wearing red / blue 3D glasses?

We tried that once and it opened up a wormhole into the future.

Holy sh*t, could we possibly have immortality by 2050 then?

Damn, we shouldn’t have shut that wormhole!

It’s cool but I don’t believe it

Yes, it’s unbelievably cool.
Again, thanks for the questions…

“The important thing is to not stop questioning.” – Albert Einstein

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