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Diverse Content Creation Using Unity, Leap Motion, Faceware and More

We thought we would highlight the diverse range of content that can be created for the Voxon VX1 volumetric display. Here’s our new video – we hope you like it!

This video shows just some of the diverse range of visual content you can create for our volumetric display. This video highlights:

  • Unity game development – create something in Unity in 10 minutes and display on the VX1, or being in your already created games and see what they look like in true 3D volumetric format.
  • DICOM support – display CT and MRI data natively. A new way to view 3D medical data. See DICOM Files Supported Natively and New Features Added for more information.
  • Leap Motion support – use hand gesture tracking to manipulate 3D data.
  • Flight tracking – real-time tracking of flights over your selected area, viewable from all angles.
  • Topography – view world maps in 3D volumetric format. Zoom in and explore, perfect for education and learning.
  • Fluid simulations – view 3D data and simulations, then take a cross-sectional view across any axis. Making engineering even more interesting.
  • 3D modelling – use programs such as Blender, 3D Studio Max for 3D modelling and content creation, or download content from Sketchfab or Mixamo.
  • Faceware – use facial animation and motion capture technology to create your own talking volumetric person.
  • Microbiology – zoom in and view microscopic data in 3D volumetric format.
  • Mathematics – use our Graphcalc program to view and manipulate mathematical formula in real-time. This not only blows students away, it usually blows their teachers away!
  • Gaming – develop games in Unity or use languages such as C to create games with 3 dimensions. Our ‘Dotmunch’ game is just 300 lines of code and we give you the source code to play with and create new levels. Perfect for school coding clubs.
  • RealSense Depth capture – real-time communications in 3D volumetric format is now possible. We have written before about How Star Wars inspired the world’s most advanced 3D volumetric display, now you can create your own “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobe, you’re my only hope.” or talk to others using depth camera technology.

Our VX1 is designed to be a social and interactive display. Gather around and view whatever diverse content that has been created and enjoy. Applications for the technology include education and teaching, medical imaging, experiential marketing and of course gaming. The future is here….

Feel free to get in touch and ask questions or leave your comments below – what do you think?

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