DICOM Files Supported Natively and New Features Added

Volumetric Medical Imaging

We are now lucky enough to be getting a lot of interest from both the medical and dental professions in regards to using the Voxon VX1 3D volumetric display for medical and dental imaging. Below is a short video showing our native DICOM support. We can render raw data from CT and MRI scans volumetrically, and perform data segmentation in real-time.

Additional Features Recently Added

Volumetric Measurement

We have now added an additional feature to the DICOM support allowing us to use the embedded DICOM meta-data to implement point to point measurement inside a 3D scan in any direction or axis. This allows for extremely accurate measurement from point to point volumetrically, limited only by the quality of the data in the DICOM file itself.

Export to STL for 3D printing

You can now also export from a segmented DICOM to an STL file directly from the VX1 and 3D print it! Zoom in, rotate and segment the 3D volumetric data and then save the file to STL when ready. This would really assist in getting exactly what you want before you 3D print, or just keep that file for presenting at a later date.

Two Colour Segmentation

You can now segment the DICOM file and then save one particular volume view in one colour (for example, the bones in white) and then segment the file to show the skin (and save the skin in red) to give you a view of two concurrent segmentations of the volume within the 3D scan.

Real-time Axis Slicing Across Any Plane in Any Direction

Want to see what the volume looks like as just one slice? You can now take a ‘slice view’ of the volume across any axis (yes, any axis, any angle) to give another perspective of the volume. You can also increase or decrease the thickness of the ‘slice view’ for greater detail.
We are always looking to improve our software capabilities and user experience and we think these functions will give medical and dental practitioners even more reason to use the VX1 as part of their resources, particularly for communications to patients and medical trainees.

Want More Information?

For more information about the Voxon VX1 send an email to [email protected]

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