Volumteric Claw Game Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University Student’s Awesome Project

It’s always great to see what the Voxon community can create for our 3D volumetric displays. Sometimes the results just blow you away. Last week we were shown some really creative work from Byungju Lee and the creative people at Carnegie Mellon University. This is the first time we’ve seen somebody incorporate the LCD screen into the game play, creating a new mixed media category in the process ! Watch the video below to see what we mean…

In the words of Byungju Lee: “Team VolTech – This is the VolTech Claw Game, an interactive experience with the volumetric display, Voxon VX1 and space mouse.

With 360 degree nature of this platform, We utilize that as the mechanic in the claw game itself, because player have to look around to examine the location of the prizes. You’ll find that playing this game on VX1 is much easier than playing on a flat screen of emulator.

After we tested other XR interfaces, We realized there is the trade-off between precision and intuitiveness. We wanted to keep this one simple, precise and as intuitive as possible. We reverse engineered our experience to find the best way to map 3d Mouse, which was originally included with their unit. We found that the XY axis of the claw game matched joystick style orientation of the space mouse and the drop button as well was perfect for the button on the 3d space mouse.

We want it to blur the line between VX1 and reality and expand the space of our experience. Every time you grab a prize and drop it into the prize box, you will see that prize drop onto the side monitor of VX1.”

If your school or University has a VX1 we would love to see some of your creations…

Also did you know that we had a Slack Channel for our community to chat about anything volumetric, request help with the SDK or Unity plugin, or just ask any questions…? You can join our Slack Channel here: Slack Channel

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