Blender fluid simulation on a volumetric display

Blender Fluid Simulation

Blender Fluid Simulation on the Voxon VX1 Volumetric Display

We are truly AMAZED at what is possible in a FREE and open source piece of software! Blender 2.82, and its new FLIP Fluid simulator is just incredible. Gavin spent a few evenings learning the various options, and this was his first attempt at creating a breaking surf wave and he’s now hooked. Volumetric surfing game anybody?

After creating the simulation in Blender, Gavin exported as a sequence of OBJ files and played on the VX1 using its animation player. Here’s the results…

What do you think you would use a volumetric display for? Is it for engineering, education, design, holographic communications, or something we haven’t even thought of yet?

Contact us now if you have questions about our volumetric technology, or just want to get your hands on the VX1.

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