Holograms in schools

Behind The News talks Holograms in Schools

If you have grown up in Australia, then there’s a good chance you have watched BTN (Behind The News) during your schooling years. In fact most of us remember a TV being wheeled in to a classroom or if you are a little younger, a big screen turned on so that you can watch the news each day. Behind The News is actually still my ‘go to’ for news, as it just seems to make sense when they explain things… So,  Yes, life goal complete!

The story was largely going to be about the wonderful kids at Adelaide High School who have been using our Voxon VX1 volumetric display for their STEAM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) programs, along with their F1 in schools program, but our volumetric display also made up a large part of the story. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.


Interested in a volumetric display for your school? Contact us here for more information… This should be part of every school’s STEAM budget! 

More information here… 

The unique and captivating visual appearance of true volumetric data, along with the interactive nature of being able to move around images in a group without wearing special glasses, makes this technology perfect for the education sector and engaging with students.

You can also read more about using the Voxon VX1 in education here https://voxon.co/tag/education/

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