Ken Silverman

Behind the scenes with Voxon Chief Computer Scientist Ken Silverman

Ken Silverman is one of the most talented computer programmers of his generation. He’s our US-based piano playing prodigy who, in the mid -1990s at the age of 18, developed BUILD, the graphics engine used in games including Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior and Blood and many more.

These days he leads the development of the core software for the Voxon Photonic Engine as well as designing electronic circuits used in the Voxon VX1.

Growing up in a tech-savvy family, Ken was a natural with programming and coding from early on. His first computer was a TI-99/4A which his parents bought for $50 in December 1983 during the ‘after Christmas’ sales. His ‘hobby’ grew from making games like Kentris, Sibros and Ken’s Labyrinth (his first game on the market) in high school, to bigger projects like Voxlap, Evaldraw and PNGOUT.

In 2005 Ken co-founded Ardfry, which sells PNGOUTwin and a few image codecs and in 2013, he joined Voxon as a founder, where he’s been leading the software development of our technology ever since.

Ken Silverman on piano
Ken can play just about any song he hears on the piano

Ken – the important stuff:

  • He can draw the borders of all US states from memory (& used to draw maps for ‘fun’ in elementary school)
  • He is passionate about geometric puzzle programming (cubes, mazes). By geometric puzzles, we really mean speed-solving the Rubik’s cube and family (2×2 to 7×7 V-cube / Pyraminx / Megaminx).
  • Can play just about any song he hears on the piano and has to be heard to be believed!
  • He both cycles and plays volleyball a few times each week and is keen to show his Aussie counterparts how to play beach volleyball when next in Australia.
  • He can juggle and is one of the tougher table tennis opponents you’ll encounter.
Ken Silverman on a recent visit to Australia
Ken Silverman on a recent visit to Australia. Too good not to share.


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