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Michael Buckett Voxon

Behind The Scenes With Design Engineer Michael Buckett

We are pretty proud of our team here at Voxon so we thought we would share a recent personal achievement for one of our key employees, Michael Buckett (affectionately just known ‘Buckett’ around the office).

Adelaide University Star

Michael has just completed three degrees at Adelaide University…

  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons *cough* first class *cough*)
  • Bachelor of Finance
  • Bachelor of Science with a double major in Experimental and Theoretical Physics (*cough* that was double *cough*)

Three… WTF?

Fred Jacka Memorial Prize

And to top this off, Michael was just awarded the Fred Jacka Memorial Prize. The prize is awarded annually to a Level III student majoring in experimental physics achieving the highest distinction in laboratory based experimental work.

Here’s a picture of Michael accepting the award with his dad. Michael’s dad was also lucky enough to have Fred Jacka (who the award was named after) as his supervisor when he was doing his PHD, so it seemed quite fitting when Michael was told he had won this award. It’s also apparent that brains run in the family genes!

Michael Buckett Voxon Photonics

Michael started at Voxon doing a University placement as an intern. He was so awesome and had quickly became such an integral part of the team. By the end of his internship we hired him! Now you can see why 🙂

Congrats Buckett! You are a legend…

Bonus info on Buckett

He has a questionable obsession with oscilloscopes

Michael Buckett Voxon

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