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VoxieOS is an impressive 3D media player. VoxieOS enables users to navigate through files and folders, play various 3D media types and launch Voxon related software all using the volumetric display.

VoxieOS supports many common 3D file types such as .OBJ, .STL, .KV6 and .PLY. VoxieOS can process and view DICOM data (CT or MRI medical data), molecule files and heightmap data. While 3D content is being viewed, the data can be rotated and scaled. Traversing through the data can be done by using a keyboard, mouse or SpaceNavigator.

Animations of 3D models are supported by compressing a folder full of sequentially named 3D objects. Scriptable commands can also be embedded within the animation files for more precise playback.


  • Browse media in easy to navigate folder structure
  • Supports common 3D file types (.STL, .OBJ, .KV6, DICOM, .PLY, .PNG, .JPG, .MOL )
  • Save position and orientation of objects for ideal viewing
  • Automatically generates thumbnails of objects
  • Support audio sound tracks for animations
  • Read 3D data direct from USB storage device


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Keyboard, Mouse, 3D SpaceMouse & Touch Screen