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Voxiedemo is a set of 14 example programs to showcase the various capabilities of a Voxon system. The example programs include calibration tools, graphical demos, interactive games and media players. These demos help new users understand how the technology works and its core concepts. 

Curious users can play around with the media and settings to customise the demos to their liking. For developers the source code of Voxiedemo is available within the download. The source code makes use of all the function calls within Voxon’s API.  Voxiedemo sets the benchmark of what a Voxon App is capable of and provides a great reference point for the potential of Voxon’s hardware.  

Voxiedemo is the perfect starting point for introducing new users to the Voxon universe.

Included with Voxiedemo is a special version for Leap Motion capture devices. A Leap Motion device  which includes its own set of demos.


  • Perfect for demonstrating Voxon’s technology
  • Includes 14 sample programs including game examples
  • Supports various input types
  • Source code available
  • Great learning resource for developers making content on Voxon hardware
Voxiedemo by Voxon


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Keyboard, Mouse, SpaceMouse, Leap Motion, Game Controller, Touch Screen