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Voxatron is a fantasy voxel based game console. Play, develop and discover hundreds of Voxatron’s cartridges in true 3D. Each Voxatron cart is a separate game which can be created using Voxatron’s cart editor ( available on PC, Linux and Mac systems ). Share your own carts or browse hundreds of carts online. What kind of game cart will you play? Dungeons, castles, lava, plasma guns, dragons, exploding barrels and endless hordes of critters are just a few of the experiences offered in Voxatron. Voxatron is a true platform for creativity.

The Voxatron engine has some impressive features: a full voxel based destructive environment, 4 player support, real time volumetric shadows, colourful animations and graphics, retro video game sound effects and a powerful scriptable LUA based cart editor.

As well as official carts included with Voxatron, there is also a growing collection of user-made games that can be played via an in-game bbs cart explorer.

This special version of Voxatron has been ported to Voxon’s hardware system by Voxatron’s creator Lexaloffle. Lexaloffle’s fantasy volumetric engine is perfect for Voxon’s display technology.


  • Easy to use game editor available on PC and MAC
  • Fully destructive environment
  • Create extra logic using LUA scripting for advanced effects and game logic
  • Supports up to 4 players
  • Share your carts with others online
  • Real time volumetric shadows
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Keyboard, Game Controllers