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A true 3D version of the arcade classic snake. A 4-player arcade Eat-em-up with true six degrees of freedom. Snaketron is presented in two play-modes: in Adventure Mode, weave your Snaketron through over 30 stages collecting pellets and growing your Snaketron to new lengths. Each stage presents new obstacles and visually striking hazards in colourful volumetric 3D. Get competitive in Battle Mode and see who is top of their game featuring special power ups and customisable options.

Based on and extended from the on the sample game, ‘Snaketron’ (taken from the VoxieDemo collection) by Ken Silverman. Snaketron Z features a lengthy adventure mode, difficulty options, new sound effects and music.

Snaketron also demonstrates the difference in what true 3D gaming can offer in an accessible way. Navigating through a true 3D space is a new type of skill needed for operating Voxon hardware and Snaketron Z provides an excellent (and fun) way to develop this skill set.


  • The classic Snake came in true holographic 3D
  • Move your Snaketron within six degrees of freedom
  • Savable high scores
  • 1 – 4 player game in adventure mode with 32 levels
  • 2 – 4 player battle mode with 2 different variants
Snaketron by Voxon


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