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GraphCalc is a tool for visualizing mathematical equations. For the non curious or mathematics inclined, GraphCalc can present pretty visualizations in 3D on the Voxon display. But in a mathematician’s hands GraphCalc’s colourful visuals and powerful rendering engine makes it an impressive tool for demonstrating mathematical concepts or creating something mesmerizing.

Formulas can be written, processed and displayed on the Voxon display in real time. The syntax for writing your own formulas is a mix of mathematics and C/C++ programming. Trigonometry, logarithmic, quatinizing and arithmetic functions are all supported. As well as variables, conditional statements and logical operators used in computer science. 

GraphCalc features two graphing modes: 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional. 2 dimensional mode returns a height for each x/y coordinate, with a scaled z to range (-1..+1} to fit the display. Higher values are drawn as red, while lower values as blue, with green/yellow in the middle. 3 dimensional mode allows users to access every part of the display by introducing the z coordinate. For example, formulating “x^2+y^2+z^2 < .4^2” would draw a sphere on the volume.

There are over 30 preset scripted formulas which can be admired, studied or tweaked to demonstrate GraphCalc’s ability. 


  • Fast voxel rendering engine capable rending mathematical formulas on the fly
  • Savable scripts including over 30 presets
  • Scripts are a combination of common mathematical functions and basic C/C++ programming
  • 2d and 3d graphing modes supported
Graphcalc by Ken Silverman


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