Voxon Apps

Our volumetric technology is more than just a display, it is a volumetric computer capable of running fully fledged software applications. New apps and media packs can be created easily using our Developers Kit. Here is a sample of some of our stand out applications.

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Viewing Media

Through our powerful software stack, various types of 3D content can be displayed, such as .obj, .stl, .ply, .kv6, .mol, .fbx, DICOM, .jpg, .png (including heightmap). Depth camera (Microsoft Kinect or Azure, Intel RealSense) footage can be recorded or broadcast using Kniview. Motion tracking hardware, such as UltraLeap LeapMotion are supported too.

Introducing Vertex

Vertex is our graphical user interface. Vertex is included standard with Voxon Hardware. Vertex makes operating our technology easy and accessible by handling software management, user settings and system updates – all from a few presses of the touchscreen. Vertex also contains a software catalog, an ever growing library of apps and media.

Simulator Support

Voxon apps can be run on non hardware solutions via a software simulator. The Voxon Simulator allows users to try Voxon Software without the need for hardware and offers rapid off hardware for Voxon app development.

The Voxon Simulator is included with the Voxon Development Kit which can be obtained here.

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