3D Volumetric Soccer Game Display

3D Volumetric Display Concepts For The Future

Voxon 3D Display Concepts For The Future

So here at Voxon we have a 100% record of only ever previously posting video of actual real hardware as opposed to computer generated images or ‘fake images’ created using computer software. However we are often asked about what the future holds for volumetric 3D. Since we haven’t invented time travel (yet), below we have created some CGI renders of what we believe will be achievable in the not-too-distant future.

We are looking for strategic business development partners in these areas and more…

Concept 1: Human Size 3D Volumetric Communications Display

1:1 scale human with unlimited viewing angles, high brightness, no flicker, full parallax, 60 Volumes per second, interactive “hologram” (which is actually a “physically three dimensional structured light based omni-directional POV induced temporal light-field display”), but most people who see it would call it a hologram. Unlike existing full size “hologram” displays, you could walk around this one and see it as you would see a real person because it actually occupies the space as opposed to being a 2D image rendered on a screen or projected on mist.

Human Size 3D Volumetric Communications Display

Concept 2: 3D Volumetric Soccer Game Display

This volumetric display concept will enable soccer games such as FIFA20 or PES2020 to be  played by a group of friends in a bar or arcade. The table could also live-stream volumetric soccer, NBA and NFL games using Intel Corporation TrueView volumetric capture technology or closer to home in Australia sporting data captured by Scott O’Brien and his team at Humense.

The core volumetric optical / graphics engine is complete and is capable of driving a multi-channel genlocked RGB projection engine at over 4,000 FPS, enabling 40 volumes per second with 100 discrete layers of data.

3D Volumetric Soccer Game Display

Concept 3: 3D Volumetric Arcade

Continuing the theme of glasses-free 3D volumetric display concepts. This is a “semi-cylindrical 2-4 player 3D volumetric arcade machine optimised for human characters and side scrollers” . As with previous designs, the core graphics engine, electronics and optical design is complete. X,Y,Z Resolution would be around 100,1800,800 with around 40 volumes / sec refresh rate.

We are looking for strategic partnerships in video gaming, e-sports and DLP video projection so contact us here for more information [email protected]

3D Volumetric Arcade

Concept 4: 3D Medical MRI/CT Display

Using the same semi cylindrical volume space as the video game arcade unit, this display is for sharing DICOM data, the format most commonly used for storing CT and MRI scans. This display can be used for a number of use cases including surgical planning, post-op review, training, doctor patient communication, and diagnosis. Our DICOM software is already fully featured and supports multi-color segmentation in real-time, internal measurement, export to STL, zoom, rotate and region deletion.

3D Medical MRI/CT Display

You can see below for a video of DICOM files being viewed and segmented on our VX1 here: Volumetric Medical Imaging on the Voxon VX1

For more information about any of these concepts, contact us now…

Concept 5: Volumetric Video Communications.

This product is primary concerned with enabling a 1:1 scale volumetric video call. The 3D glasses-free display renders the head and shoulders, and leaves some room for hand gestures.

Video capture is enabled using a hybrid camera that combines real-time photogrammetry, time-of-flight and RGB sensors to capture the subject, and is enhanced using AI to fill gaps and remove occlusion artefacts. AI could also be used to translate sign language into spoke text or subtitles using research from SignAll Technologies

All the technology exists to enable this concept including cameras from Intel Corporation and Microsoft and display hardware from Voxon Photonics.

Volumetric Video Communications

You can see a video of Volumetic video from Microsoft running on existing Voxon hardware here: Voxon Integrates Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studios Latest Volumetric Capture Codec  

Concept 6: Reciprocating Volumetric 3D Arcade Game System.

This concept is based around a enhanced Voxon Photonics VX1 engine which increases color resolution, volume size, volume refresh and brightness. The “clamshell” design also enhances the feeling of “floatyness”, as the viewers can see through the top part of the lower “clam”, which also allows children and wheelchair users to see the display from below, looking upward. Voxon is seeking partners in the video gaming industry to turn this concept into reality.

Voxon Volumetric display Concept for Arcade


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