3D Visualizations

3D Visualizations Of Complex Data

Glasses Free 3D Visualisations

Imagine being able to easily view complex datasets or zoom into infinite detail in true 3D right in front of you.

In this video clip we demonstrate how to find a bug that is 0.01 microns in length.

The smallest bug is 1 billionth of the volume of the largest bug.

The Voxon VX1 Volumetric Display can help put things in perspective, communicate complex concepts and stimulate conversation. What kind of data visualisations could your business or University benefit from communicating in true 3D?

We would love to hear more about what data sets your business could display on our 3D volumetric display. Whether it’s underground mining data, nano-scale research or volumetric cinema… Presentation is everything so why not present and communicate your data in the most advanced glasses free 3D technology.

Presentation Is Everything

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