Our technology is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

In literal terms, we’ve created a futuristic display technology capable of producing truly 3D digital images that can render animated or static imagery as genuinely three-dimensional holograms – high definition, infinitely complex and manipulable, and viewable with the naked eye from any angle. No illusions. No special glasses.

The science is absolutely cutting-edge. But emotionally, it couldn’t be simpler. When people see it in action for the first time, regardless of their age, interests or background, they’re instantly mesmerized. There, right in front of their eyes, is science fiction – magic – made real.

With the Voxon Photonic Engine we haven’t just taken graphic display to another level, we’ve launched it into a whole new dimension.


Voxon Photonic Engine

In technical terms, Voxon’s technology is a volumetric display. At its core is an ultra high-speed digital light engine and a highly optimized volume rendering engine. This unique combination of hardware and software is capable of projecting over half a billion points of light every second into physical volumetric space.

Geometry that is being rendered is sliced up into hundreds of digital horizontal cross sections before being projected synchronously onto a specially designed high speed reciprocating screen. As the photons of light hit the screen, they are diffused and reform a physical cross sectional image at precisely the right place in physical space. Through persistence of vision, the human eye blends hundreds of layers together, and the result is a true three-dimensional representation of data that can be viewed in the same way as one would view a real object, from any angle, and without special goggles or glasses.