At its core the Voxon Photonic Engine is a display technology that has application in any environment where 3D information is part of an enterprise workflow whether that be imaging, geography, engineering, design, complex data visualisation, science, mining and oil & gas or as an exciting new medium for communication and entertainment such as advertising, education, gaming, spectator sports, teleconferencing.

The technology is completely unique in that it can provide users with a shared, glasses-free 3D visualization experience like no other. Whilst the use cases are only limited by your imagination, you may be interested in using the technology for;

Getting People’s Attention

When people see it in action, regardless of their age, interests or background, they’re instantly mesmerized. In a world saturated with media and attention for eyeballs, our technology is a completely different medium to communicate your brand, product or service in a 3D interactive form, whether that be for;

  • Public display interactive media
  • Advertising, branding and point of sale
  • Product display
  • Trade shows and showroom media
  • Communicating 3D digital model of a complex product or construct

Learning and Collaborating

As a new medium for interacting with 3D content and media, Voxon’s technology is perfect for the communication of complex information and concepts applicable to K-12 through to tertiary and enterprise learning environments. The technology;

  • Provides a shared experience for both educators and learners
  • Engages learners
  • Enables student interactivity with 3D models and concepts
  • Bring textbooks and real world concepts to life
  • Incorporates gamification and interactivity to the learning environment

Fun and entertainment

    Our display technology can provide a socially engaging form of entertainment that can help bring the imaginary into the real world with many potential entertainment applications including;

  • Traditional table top board gaming brought to digital life
  • 3rd person gaming
  • Multi-user and real-time interactivity
  • Display of real world spectator sports
  • In a form factor where users face each other rather than staring at a 2D screen

Working and collaborating in 3D

    Voxon’s technology can be used as a companion in any environment and workflow that works with existing 3D model data and can be used for;

  • Live holographic video conferencing
  • Full 360-degree digital model view
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Display of complex data and concepts
  • Compatible with existing 3D model data formats and workflow